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Surveys spotlight reasons for coming to Sioux Falls

March 01, 2017

National surveys have dramatically pointed out the attractions of Sioux Falls for a wide variety of groups. Entrepreneurs, young families, first time job seekers and retirees have solid reasons for coming to Sioux Falls, with opportunity, affordability and quality of life spotlighted in ranking after national ranking. A new set of surveys confirms this trend.           


United Van Lines 40th annual National Movers Study showed South Dakota as the most popular moving destination. United Van Lines says that 68% of moves to and from the state are inbound. The company says that South Dakota has increased inbound moves by 23% over the past five years, putting us ahead of number two Vermont and third ranked Oregon.



A recent Gallup poll of the best US states for well being in older adults placed South Dakota at number 10. Hawaii got the top slot in this survey, with Arizona and New Hampshire in the second and third places. The study ranked purposefulness, social relationships, financial management, quality of community and good health to determine the states’ scores.       is continually studying local economies to suggest great places to live and work. Their latest survey places Sioux Falls fourth nationally as the best place to find a job in 2017. Only Scottsdale, AZ; Plano, TX, and Orlando, FL rated better for finding a position this year. The site ranked 150 metropolitan areas, with Detroit coming in last in the study.           


Xavier University compiled the American Dream Composite Index, the first statistically validated measurement that quantifies the American Dream in its entirety—and puts South Dakota at number one on that index. SD was first in environment, support of friends, fruits of my labor, personal health, healthcare and safety in community; second in safety in travel, home ownership and satisfaction with residence, and third in job benefits.           


Sioux Falls is listed in KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives guide, one of just 133 cities in 10 countries. Based on 26 location-sensitive cost factors, Sioux Falls is ranked as one of the top three most affordable cities in the U.S. for the corporate services sector.          


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Courtesy of the Sioux Falls Development Directions Newsletter