Hutchinson County Land

281st Street & 415th Avenue Tripp, SD

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Sale Price: $6,644,050 ($7,000/Acre)

Total Available Space: 41,338,440 Sq. Ft. (949 Acres)

Property Type: Agricultural Land

Property Description

Property Features

  • These two non contiguous productive properties, containing valuable Southeastern South Dakota farm land, are being offered for sale with the eventual buyer able to take immediate possession. The 949.15 taxable acres are located in German Township of Hutchinson County, which provides excellent access as nearly all parcels are situated adjacent to a good, blacktop county road. All parcels are leased for one year.
  • The total property includes 949.15 taxable, of which there are 876.2 tillable acres. Hutchinson County FSA reports and 156EZ forms show 380.7 corn base acres and 415 soybean base acres. There are 3.8 wheat base acres. There are outstanding soil ratings across nearly all of this rich farm ground as shown in the 81.8 Surety Agridata Productivity Ratings.
  • The convenience of planting and harvesting mile long rows is a plus for the 315 acres of farm land in the west half of Section 13. There are also mile long rows in the south side of Section 24, which also contains an old machinery shed and grain bins. The largest portion of non-tillable land also located in a creek bed that runs length-ways through the half section. The owner is installing $150,000 worth of drain tile to alleviate the low-ground situation.
  • The quarter of land located in the southeast of Section 14 is an outstanding piece of ground, featuring nearly table flat terrain, excellent soils and very little non-tillable. The 159 acres located in Section 22 can also be a very productive property with mostly tillable farm ground.
  • The entire Hutchinson County property has generated some outstanding yields through the years, benefiting from generous rainfalls to nourish the excellent soils. It wasn’t unusual in the past to produce 180 to 200 bushel per acre yields of corn. The soybean yields would regularly reach the 60 bushel per acres mark.
  • Official FSA 156EZ reports are available upon request as are tillable acre totals for all properties.


  • $6,644,050 ($7,000/Acre)
  • 2017 Real Estate Taxes = $20,191.08


  • Located in German Township along 415th Avenue between 281st & 282nd Streets in Hutchinson County


Jim Wilber

Vice President

Office Phone: (605) 444-7110

Jim Wilber's primary area of expertise is the buying and selling of state-wide commercial agricultural properties. 

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